November 25, 2011

Need or want , whats more important?

Everyone today is fighting this question. Is it a need which is more important or is it a want that should be focused on. In India there is a huge gap between these two words and many Indians prioritize their work on Need. Their need is not only focused on basic food, clothing and shelter however it revolves around the need of their family. The wants are hugely lagging behind as aspirations.

Hence, Indians aspire and dream. They plan to reach that dream and form steps to reach. They clearly know the difference in NEED and WANT. Also they attach value to Need and Want both and hence would not pounce on opportunity without a structured analysis on the same in matter of seconds.

How and why this importance has shaped in their minds? Its thought to them in childhood and is registered in their unconscious mind. Let me put some examples here:

Indians living in the desert areas are frequently suffering  for the need of water hence they use water strategically. One of the traditional ways of doing this even before bottled water came in picture was carrying a LOTA (horizontal vessel which is small as a 200ml bottle and has wide fat bottom) whenever serving or drinking water. The amount needed is self served glass in or is poured back to LOTA in case of excess. They teach them to save from childhood. When you know that you need something and it is saved , you register it in your unconscious mind "THAT PLAN TO SAVE WHAT IS NEEDED ALOT"

One of the other brilliant examples comes from Arabic countries. Where again water is the need. They use specific technique to wash their hands which ultimately utilizes very less water. Hence, Arabs have learned unconsciously and stored in their minds that "PLAN TO UTILIZE STRATEGICALLY WHAT YOU NEED THE MOST"

These two example clearly states that Need is power of invention and hence EAST is an Entrepreneur world as it is powered by Need than just Want.

What do you think? Have you seen such inventions around you powered by need, do comment if yes

Darshana Dave

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