November 26, 2011

Big Dreams, Small Feet- Indian Entrepreneurs

Passion in their Heart.. Vision in their Eyes.. Dream in their mind.. Inspiration in their Voice.. 1 Penny in their Pocket..

Big Dream and Small Feet.. These are Indian Entrepreneurs !!!

They know its unachievable NOW but it is not Impossible to make their dreams come true. They do not dream of luxury, neither aspire for car, bike or house. They aspire Power. They aspire Position.

They define their own rules in process. They are not ashamed to do a small job and learn. They add value to their knowledge and keep constructing their dream business step by step. They fall 100 times but learn every time and make their small feet stronger to get up and start working again.

They get Insulted and make their will more stronger. They value Time and respect money. They believe in sharing and working for a purpose. They share feeling of their employee and keep them close to their heart. They believe in giving to get back. They learn to identify the right opportunity at right time. They are present at the right Place where they visualize the whole dream coming true.

They not only work on their dream, They live their dream every day and every night.

Thats how Dhirubhai Ambani lived his dream. His father was a school teacher in a village however Dhirubhai Dreamed Big. He saw the world as his play ground, he fell many times but every time rising as a winner.

Thats what Laxmi Mittal  did. He saw the opportunity and put all he had to turn the table around and bring success out of adversity. His family was his prime strength in the testing time.

That why Narayan Murty build an Empire. He focused on values and integrity. This along with his self belief and family support made him leave an MNC and work for himself.

Thats how Kishor Biyani made his mark. He experimented his ideas and never thought twice before making mistakes. He took risks but Big risks and calculated one. He got inspired by Walmart and did not think twice before looking at India as a big consumer market and an opportunity unexplored. 

Every Indian Entrepreneur's heart beat with Passion. Passion of their ideas and dreams.

They know they have Small Feet, but they also know Their Dreams are Big !!!

Darshana Dave

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