November 27, 2011

Build Pillars that Self Stand

A critical question every CEO should ask is "What are the PILLARS my company is standing on and can this pillar STAND by THEMSELVES or need a BASE?" If they need a base, then BASE is more important to focus on than the pillars themselves.

When a company gets established they form many pillars, hence the base disappears automatically. However, if a new company starts with forming pillars that can stand by themselves, it gets established faster than its counter partners.

The example for the same is Walmart, Big Bazaar, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, McDonalds etc. These all companies have worked on their pillars and organized them in such a way that they are self standing and does not require a base. This is what Innovation is all about. Working on the process in such a way that the process is first organized, than standardized and finally can be replicated (internally) very easily.

Brand is ultimately build and established with the Strong Pillar representing the differentiation factor of Company. Since this pillar is self standing, it would not be easily targeted by competition.

For Walmart it was Supply Chain, For Big Bazaar it was the Marketing Strategy, For Google it was the Algorithm to the Search Engine tool, For Facebook it was the Network, For Apple it was Design, For Amazon it was Internet Supply Chain, For McDonalds it was Menu etc.

Every New company if builds Self Standing Pillars than their process will accelerate generating Brand image, Operational Excellence and Difficult to penetrate market for competitors specially if it is on a first mover advantage.

These are solely my views, What do you think?

Darshana Dave

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