November 25, 2011

How easy it is to make you smile?

When I was 6years old, my mother would tell me a story. Story about a princess who would never smile. She was sad and unhappy. But no one knew why? One day King announced whoever can make her smile will get the most precious award. Everyone tried but no one could make her smile. Than came a boy who grew in mud and still smiled at every event that would come his way. He knew that life was small and it needs to be lived the fullest. He took her to the pond and asked her to find pink pebbles. Princess saw all around and gave up once. On her giving up boy said "What are you looking for?" She replied "How can you find a pink pebble here? It is Impossible !!" He asked again "Princess what are you looking for is here and I have seen them myself". Listening to this Princess tried looking again and this time she found not one, not two, not three but five PINK pebbles.. HERE SHE LEARNED POWER OF POSITIVITY but did not smile
Then,  boy asked princess to throw the pebble one by one in the pond but she should target as far as possible. When she tried first pebble, it did not go very far. Boy claimed "Come on Princess, you can do better than that" She tried again and it went little far than earlier one.. Boy said "Princess think that this pond is a barrier you have been fighting all your life. The dream you want to live all your life and now as far as you throw the PINK pebble you will break that barrier and make your dream real.Come on compete with your own self and WIN"   THIS GAVE HER FAITH and she threw as hard as possible and it went, went veryyyyyyy far.. THIS GAVE HER LIFE, HER DREAM. SHE NEW IT CAN BE REAL. but did not smile.

Two pebbles where still left. Two kids came by the pond and started looking for pink pebbles. Princess knew how hard it was to find pink ones and she also knew that the first three she had fond had given her something that made her feel good within. She went to two kids and gave them each pebble she had and SMILED.

She learned HARD WORK SATISFIES you, COMPETING brings COURAGE and GIVING what you have achieved from your own hard work which made you win in competition brings SMILE..

So what is it that made you smile today? Do comment your feelings.

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