January 20, 2011

How difficult it is to give?

When dreams catch the heart, the mind flows in the direction where the heart tells to go. Life touches only once and when it does the heart stops and listens to what it has to say. Why can’t someone dream? What makes them stop and think they can’t? Why are there so many responsibilities on everyone’s shoulder? Why is a dream so big to come true? We all are one; we all have 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 nose. We all can walk, talk and bring across our point. What is it that is different? Why can’t we all live one kind of life?
Answers are rare however there is no end to the questions. There is a need, not to answer these questions however to take actions; actions that are not just made, but are also felt. Felt by the doer in his heart with a satisfaction. Felt by receiver in his soul with a trust. Felt by the audience in their mind with inspiration.
It is not just any dream which I see any day it is a dream I see my whole life. There are steps been taken by some who are great in their vision, in their mission and in their action. With each paragraph bellow each of these actors will be revealed.
Taj hotels in one of its corporate social responsibility program for fishermen gives them training of analyzing the quality of fish Taj require in their hotels and then purchase these fishes from these fishermen. This is a business strategy used by Taj to get quality with price benefit, they use their local wisdom for mutual benefit of fishermen as well as Taj hotels.
Taj was a supplier based mutual business strategy, the customer based mutual business strategy is used by Hindustan Unilever Limited in which they help the rural women for self employment and hence making their consumer earn better to increase their disposable income to spend in HUL products.
Above were the big companies however India is full of Entrepreneurs who believe that they can help society in a big way. One such Entrepreneur is Mr. Venkat Subramanium and his wife Mrs. Srivalli Krishnan who spend their weekends traversing Chennai’s neighborhoods, selling vegetables in their van. This is an eFarm solution which works as transparent, economical and far-to-home model. In an article on Entrepreneur, Sep. 09 Mr. Subramanian says, “Farmers need money for their hard work, not subsidies”. He also exclaims, “The real problem lies on the sales and marketing side. Farmers are constantly cheated within mandi system.” He wanted to change this system hence quitting his job at Wipro, US and start an enterprise which has eighty percent of eFarm’s customers as wholesaler like restaurants and hospitals, who pay farmers a special rate and help estimate weekly demand.
Microfinance is also a revolution which has helped many poor people to open their own small business. Banks give loan to open a small enterprise which is called microfinance. According to Mr. Vikram Akula, Chairperson and Founder, SKS Microfinance says, “Microfinance is about trust and not collateral, it is about working through groups, and most importantly, it is about lending to women and not men”.
“For She” is a step taken by Mrs. Revathi Roy for upliftment of urban poor women with her taxi service company in Mumbai. The women are given employment, training in driving skills, soft and language skills, martial arts and city road familiarization.
Many have come a long way, some are on their way, few have dreams to walk on the way. It is not important who is doing it. What is important is that weather you are there in the deed which is going to change the life of someone forever. Don’t step down. Step up and make a difference.


  1. good one darshana i liked it and will implement it but come to know on efarm from you and hats off to Mr.Venkata Subramaniam.

  2. Thanks Shailaja, I appreciate and you inspire me to start writing again :)