December 02, 2011

What clicks more than an IDEA?

One thing that is more powerful than an IDEA is curiosity which is nothing but part of process to get the idea. 

How do I come to this conclusion? Hmmm.. Lets understand the process..

However, when its driven by Curiosity this time the process is..

Lets Back this with an example of one of the simplest and greatest discoveries of technology:

Here, Pranav's discovery is backed with Curiosity than a need. He was curious to know how mouse works. This curiosity made him open the mouse, understand its functioning, prototype what works and what does not work with the  mouse and ultimately come with an IDEA with added features giving us the "Sixth Sense" device.

My theory is completely an observational theory understanding the process of generation of Ideas. You may support me or differ from my thoughts. Either ways do comment your thoughts.


Darshana Dave

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